Why women should correct the mistakes that they make in sex


It is true that sex not only allows partners to achieve physical relaxation but also helps to create a certain relationship between them. The main women’s mistake would be to ignore recommendations.

What recommendations women cannot ignore?

Here are the things that women cannot do if they want to have serious relationships:

  • To experience disgust. It can manifest itself in relation to the male body, the smell, some actions that he proposes to do. A squeamish attitude tells a man that he is unpleasant for a woman as a sexual partner (for example, Kat Wanders at http://www.freepornhq.net/group/kat-wonders-nude/).
  • Agree to have threesome sex. Wanting to please a man, a woman will be ready for threesome sex or swinging. What does this tell a man? He will see a woman as a sex partner, but will not plan to build a serious relationship. No matter how liberated men may be, they take ladies as partners, who are given only to them
  • Lack of contraception. A woman may be surprised because many men want to have sex without a condom. This is a normal desire for men, but it is not normal for a woman to agree unless she is with a partner in a long-term relationship and they plan to have a child. The consent of the woman to engage in unsafe sex makes her in the eyes of a man short-sighted. Moreover, in this way, you can easily become infected with sexually transmitted diseases
  • Sex on the first date. In our time of the emancipation and permissiveness, men still pay attention to how quickly women agree to sleep with them. Sex on a first date is an extreme for them that does not lead to long-term relationships. A man wants to sleep with a woman as quickly as possible. But the faster a woman agrees to his proposal, the less she gets in the end.